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The phrase Safe Secrets was thought up by Sebastian in 2013. His songs came from real life struggles and the secrets that came from not only himself, but people in his life. All he had supporting him was himself. 2014 rock and rolled along bringing Joaquin into the picture.


Pieces of the puzzle came together. Joaquin coming from Musicians Institute and Chaz joining on bass in 2015.  We formed a true bond through music. June 2014 we practiced for the first time and instantly became Safe Secrets. The music has evolved since then and is becoming something we are all very proud of. Seabass,  Joaquin and Chaz are Safe Secrets


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Meet Safe Secrets!

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 Ladies & Gentlemen, Safe Secrets proudly presents our newest album, "Snakes & Spiders." If you've submitted your stories to us, there is a good chance that a piece of you resides in this music.


"Snakes and Spiders" available on SoundCLoud and BamdCamp as well as facebook!  Please listen and spread the word!

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